Services Offered By Argosy Inspections:

Argosy Inspections is a very dynamic California home inspection company that covers a vast array of services for both residential and commercial markets. If your particular application is not listed here, please Contact Us to find out if we can assist you in your next inspection.

   ♦ Residential - Buyer and Seller Inspections
   ♦ HUD, FHA, & VA
   ♦ New Construction Inspections - Phase, 2-Phase, 4-Phase, and Final Walk-through
   ♦ Commercial Inspection - Draw, Insurance, Multi
   ♦ Family Units, Office Buldings, Warehouse, and Restaurant Inspections
   ♦ Property Condition Assessments (PCA)
   ♦ ADA Compliance
   ♦ Home Maintenance Inspections
   ♦ Appliance Inspections
   ♦ Plumbing Inspection
   ♦ Electrical Systems & Equipment Inspections
   ♦ Heating, Air Conditioning, & All Cooling Inspections
   ♦ Pool / Spa Inspections
   ♦ Vapor & Moisture Barriers
   ♦ Energy Survey Inspection
   ♦ Environmental & Air Quality Inspections
   ... and so much more!!!